Don’t Be Insane About Veggies

People are constantly saying to me – I would eat some beets and carrots but they’re so high in sugar…  It makes me want to pull my freaking hair out!  The difference between good sugars and bad sugars is night and day.  They should have completely different names for good and bad sugars but regrettably they don’t, so here’s how to tell the difference.  Good sugars have a low glycemic index so they don’t affect blood sugar – hence no crash, no storing fat, no suppression of growth hormone production.  We desperately need good sugars for energy and full muscles.  Anything with a glycemic index under 35 is awesome!  So eat your veggies and instead worry about those other sugars in your life – like the cake, candy, muffins and sauces that goop up your foods and waistline.         

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