Don’t be Short Sighted with Growth Hormones – Or anything Else

I’m stunned at how short sighted most people are, whether it’s with careers, relationships or in developing their physiques.  Nobody launches off hard and gets rich quick, finds Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful, or takes a magic drug and pops into a super model. Growth hormones work! They dramatically improve body composition. But you have to stick with them, just like anything else. And they help most those who are helping themselves. Most of my GF (growth factor) clients display a visible glow after only 2 months, but it was at the one year mark when I looked in the mirror and said – Wow, I’ve really tightened up – unlike I ever did 25 years ago. I wasn’t being short sighted that particular year. I was just plugging along, doing things correctly, and then to my surprise – I noticed dramatic results. Don’t be short sighted with anything. If you work hard and do the right thing – positive results will always follow. Please check out Growth Factor on our toolbar.

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