Don’t Kill Yourself – Inspect Your Gear

No one in military service jumps from an aircraft without the jump master first rechecking his gear, and no frogman slips underwater without his buddy re-inspecting his gear.  Two people inspect everything – and they put their fingers on every attachment and fitting – making sure all is present, fitted correctly and secure.  We called this finger f#$king everything.  Once before we launched off for an ice dive in Alaska my chief laid out our dry suits for my inspection (still back in San Diego) but I neglected to read the checklist and verify each component was there.  Nor did I stop to put it all together and finger f$%k everything.  Turns out the wrist collars weren’t there – so when we arrived on site we couldn’t use the dry suits.  I can’t tell you how much I regretted that blunder – later diving in arctic waters wearing a ¼ inch neoprene wetsuit.  NOBODY was happy with me!  Always carefully inspect your gear.  In a different scenario – it could be the end of your world. 

MK21 deep sea dive helmet and 1/4 inch wetsuit designed for 70 degree water.

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