Don’t Listen to Fitness Nitwits

Nothing is more amusing than overhearing a bozo at the track, pool or gym giving advice to someone who knows more than the bozo. I’ve never made a million bucks, so I’d never corner someone and start telling them how to make a million bucks but this advice giving phenomenon happens every day in the fitness world. If I knew how to make a million bucks you can rest assure I wouldn’t be telling other people how to do it. I’d be out there busting my ass to do it.

Louis illustrating the Turkish Get-Up at Commando Camp

Louis demonstrating the Turkish Get-Up at Commando Camp.

These fitness know-it-alls are never busy implementing their own vast knowledge. They just pass it on unsolicited. The point I’m rambling to get to is obvious: Tell the bozo to buzz off. If you wanna learn how to fight, go to a seasoned professional. If you want swimming instruction, find someone who swam in the Olympics, and if you want to learn how to sculpt your body, find someone who has the body you want. You’ve heard it a million times – nobody can give away what they don’t have.

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