The Trick to Drilling Skills into Your Subconscious Mind

Continually rehearsing a sport or physical activity will certainly make for precision performance, but if you really want to map your subconscious mind, and make those skills innate, you have to rehearse them at your breaking point. That’s why soldiers are trained at the point of exhaustion, not to condition and toughen them up, to make those skills automatic when the sh%t hits the fan. And the same is true with fight training and every other sport. Early on I once asked my fight coach Guy Mezger – why not have me work the mitts first, when I’m fresh? Why bother when my knees are wobbling – and I’m sloppy? He said and he was dead on correct – anybody can hit hard and fast when they’re fresh. You wanna hit hard and fast when you’re dead. This is how you learn to fight. This is how you drill it into your head. So the next time you’re rehearsing your sport, wipe yourself out first, then practice your precision.  

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