Drug Abuse – Body Sculpting and Health

Almost every American has a medicinal crutch, either prescribed or self-medicating, however my point here is not to condemn this reality but rather to analyze the possibility of health, performance and symmetry in spite of this reality.  Addiction has obviously crippled a great majority of Americans on every level, while others have managed to moderate their medications, make progress and live in good health.  Those who moderate and pull it off are those who viciously cling to a healthy counter-routine.  In spite of their substance use or abuse, they eat correctly and never miss workouts.  Since the times of Benjamin Franklin this has been called – burning the candle at both ends – but this counter-dedication does seem to pay off to a very real extent, and I’m basing this statement on the blood work that we’ve performed on athletes, non-athletes and substance abusing athletes over the past year.  My point is this: If you are a bit lost, but can moderate and stick to a healthy counter lifestyle, I believe you can maintain good health, a good physique and most likely live a much happier life.  Of course this is a rationalization, but since it applies to so many I wanted to put it out there.  I wish everyone the best.           

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