Each Person is either a Benefit or Detriment to Us All

WARNING: This might offend deadbeats and ultra-blind liberals.

Although politically incorrect and highly controversial in our current idiotic state of the union, the hard truth is, each person’s existence is either a positive or negative coefficient in the equation of life. They either make the world a better place or take away from it. There is no neutral position. The factors that determine our value are virtually infinite, but we should pause often to reflect on our contributions or lack thereof. A few points of thought: Are we pleasant with those we encounter, or simply interact to procure needs? Do we pick up trash, or litter with hesitation? Do we work and pay taxes, or suck off those who do? Do we financially plan to have children and purchase only things we can afford, or indulge ourselves knowing others will absorb the costs? Do we pause to let others go first, or is that the end of the world? Is our family life productive or do we spend our down time drinking and doing drugs? Do we spend all of our time drinking and doing drugs? We are the sum total of our actions, and that sum total does determine our value here on earth. Regrettably, I’ve spent years living as a negative coefficient. Today with God’s help and mercy, I try to be of service to man and country, but it requires great effort, because I’m an extremely selfish person:( 

My heroes – those who forgo handouts and take the low level jobs!! 

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