Effectively Ordering Your Workout

Depending on your goals, the order of your workout is critical.  The standard formula is to work the larger muscles first and then work down to the smallest muscles.  IE (on a push workout day) work chest first, then shoulders and then triceps.  But if your chest and shoulders are perfect (or to your satisfaction) and triceps are your true priority, then work triceps first.  Work your priority muscles first.  Some would argue that you could not then effectively work the larger muscles if the smaller supporting muscles were pre-fatigued, but this just means your chest would have to assume that much more of the load – right?  (Anything can be argued:)  As for stamina (cardio) and performance work, always save that for last.  Again, many would argue that cardio is a good way to warm up, but true performance training should be close to if not all-out (100%) and this means you should definitely be warmed up first.  Isolation work is a great way to warm up – not only physically – but mentally.  Nobody can step into a workout and start out at 100%.  Even if you didn’t pull a muscle, you’d burnout much faster.  So give thought to your goals and how to structure your workouts.  Always start slow and finish strong – with cosmetic priorities first – saving the hard beat down for last.

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