Even if You Just Think of Antler as a Vitamin

Now that we’ve priced GF 8,500 like a vitamin, at $100 per bottle, and as it contains every known beneficial substance known to man, why not just think of GF 8,500 as the most comprehensive vitamin on earth – instead of doubting it as a growth hormone product. This way, you get all the benefits – especially the growth hormone benefits, despite being a doubting dumbass. Now here’s some fantastic advice: Stop being a dumbass, buying bogus HGH from some cocaine dealer at your gym, and injecting God only knows what into your body, probably Mexican piss. Every time I converse with these idiots, I can literally smell the Mexican urine exuding from their not so perfect bodies. Trust me on this: I’ve been that dumbass. Moreover, I’ve tested these ‘gym’ sold HGH kits, and in 7 years – NOT A ONE HAS BEEN LEGIT! Again, my best advice: DON’T BE A DUMBASS!!

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