Everybody is Overdosing on Testosterone

Most men pushing 50 years old have low testosterone levels, so a little might do wonders, but most taking testosterone therapy have levels exceeding those they had during puberty. That’s ridiculous! Our bodies are not equipped to process, much less use that much testosterone – not at this age. Instead of being put to good use, that excess testosterone converts to DHT, estrogen, and SHBG (sexual hormone binding globulins). The DHT causes acne and balding. Estrogen makes us crazy, causes water retention, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. And SHBG’s bind to the testosterone in our system and reduce what’s available for use. In other words, we can jack our overall test levels to the sky, but actually have less available in our system for use – a fool’s paradox. (If your test levels exceed 800-900 – check out your free test levels – and stand by for a shock) I don’t care who you are or how old you are – don’t take more than 50-100 mg per week. Don’t exceed the levels you had during puberty. Healthy test levels are one small variable in the formula for good health, longevity and quality body composition. It ain’t the messiah!

And for the idiot doctors who say there are drugs to deal with the DHT, estrogen and SHBG’s – good grief! Talk about chasing your tail. Just take the correct dosage. Don’t let the doctors swindle you out of all your money. HRT has become a racket.

Just a little more test and he’ll be perfect!!  puffy

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