Exercising Forever – the Right Perspective

Most people who exercise do so with hopes of looking better, and with this comes shortsighted expectations that often lead to disappointment, failure, or ridiculous shortcuts like steroids and diuretics. However, if one has a long-term perspective on exercise, like when training for a sport or better health and performance, they tend to have more staying power. My weight and body composition haven’t changed in 30 years. If I had desperately wanted to get big, I would’ve quit exercising 29 years ago. It wasn’t going to happen. But since I’ve always trained for sport performance, I’ve never been frustrated by stagnant cosmetic results. The game is never ending. And those sighted beyond cosmetic results are those who ultimately end up with the physique that everybody wants. It’s inevitable. The winners aren’t fixated on scale weight, the size of their biceps and comparing themselves to others at the gym. Those are dead ends. You’ll never be big enough or tight enough and there will ALWAYS be someone better. If your perspective is short sighted, retool it. Pick a forever goal. I promise everything else will fall into place.

Just a days work, teaching Pilates at the Body Bar.  Dena 00000012

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