Extenze – A Miracle Product

Extenze is marketed for male sexual enhancement and works by removing sexual hormone binding globulins (SHBG) from your overall testosterone thereby raising free testosterone levels.  Free testosterone not only enhances sex, but provides more energy, higher anabolic function and a faster metabolism.  We tried to manufacture our own free-test product but none of our trial formulas came close to producing results like Extenze.  Extenze is the number one product on the market for good reason – it’s the best.  It also includes a healthy dose of DHEA which is mandatory for everyone over age 35.  For the guys out there taking testosterone therapy – this product is a must!  The higher your testosterone levels soar the more SHBG you produce, thereby driving down your free test levels.  This is the irony of testosterone therapy.  Higher overall test can mean lower free test.  This is the God’s truth – when I take Extenze my free test levels are off the chart high.  When I don’t take it, they’re at the bottom of the scale.  All the while, my overall test levels remain the same.  For me, Extenze makes all the difference in the world.  Wish I had my own miracle product to sell, but for now Extenze rules – and it’s sold everywhere.  (No – this is not a paid advertisement:)  Just trying to pass along the best info.

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