Finest Protein Powder – Pinnacle Protein

I’ve gone to the expense of manufacturing an organic protein powder utilizing colostrum.  Colostrum is the first milking of a cow after giving birth – but it’s not milk – and it has no lactose.  Colostrum is the critical first meal for the newborn calf.  It is the most nutrient and immune factor dense substance in nature, loaded with IGF-1 and also the most readily absorbed protein in nature – more than whey – but it obviously costs more – because cows aren’t giving birth every day.  Our protein powder is hand filled and uses hormone free livestock fed a natural organic diet, and has only 7 ingredients, each with a specific purpose – no artificial flavors, fillers, cholesterol, binders – nothing!  There is no other protein on the market like this.  Please read more about Pinnacle Protein on our toolbar.  A container of 15 servings goes for $60 without shipping. 

World’s Finest Protein  –  protein

Happy Easter!  May everyone have a resurrection experience!

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