Free Testosterone is What You Want

There is a lot of misunderstanding about overall testosterone levels and free testosterone levels so here’s the difference:  The total/normal testosterone scale goes from 0-1200.  Although bodybuilders may jack their levels up to 3,000 or 4,000, no man has natural levels beyond 1200.  Boys in puberty typically range between 800-1100, whereas men in their forties range between 100-450, with athletes about 600-700.  Now here’s what most people don’t know.  A man at 650 can have more available testosterone in his system, strength, sex drive and hold more muscle mass than a man with a level of 4,000.  This is explained by free testosteroneFree testosterone is the amount of testosterone in a person’s system that is actually available for use.  The normal scale for free testosterone goes from 7.5 to 23.5.  Free testosterone is the number we should be looking at.  People with high overall testosterone levels usually have high estrogen levels, especially those injecting steroids, and estrogen shuts down our free testosteroneThis is because estrogen competes with testosterone for the same receptor sites.  So the next time you get your blood work performed, ask about your free testosterone levels.

My overall testosterone runs about 650 but my free testosterone runs at 24.5 – just high of the normal scale.  My free test is high because I have extremely low estrogen levels .  I know a lot of guys taking testosterone therapy who run about 1600 but their free test levels are much lower than mine.      

Three points:  One, overall testosterone levels can be extremely misleading.  Two, if you’re taking testosterone therapy, you better take estrogen blockers.  Three, testosterone injections aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.

The only drug I take is deer antler (growth factor).  GF supports my testosterone levels but it also lowers my estrogen levels.    Testosterone therapy may be the current rage, and our bodies certainly need testosterone – but none of those test therapy folks look any different – do they?  This is because body composition, performance and health are about correct exercise, correct diet and correct growth hormone levels.  Correct growth hormone levels will support correct free testosterone levels. 

Dena – GF only.  It’s all about free test!  Dena 2013 045

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