Functional Strength Training

Functional strength means being strong in the real world, lifting heavy, lopsided objects at bazaar angles to difficult heights. To best develop this strength, one must work the entire body spectrum – lifting something from the floor to over the head. This may consist of flipping heavy tractor tires, performing kettlebell snatches or just old fashion clean and presses. Unlike most weight training, we’re not attempting to isolate a muscle, tear it down and make it grow bigger. We’re moving a weight from the floor to the ceiling using every muscle in the body. And these movements require MOMENTUM. That means they require “quasi” explosive force. We’ve got to get that weight moving or it’s not going to reach its destination. There’s no way to cheat on these exercises. You either make it happen or it doesn’t. Athletes who integrate this form of training into their routines are – explosive – well conditioned – and always the strongest. They also have the greatest muscle density.

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