Genetically Modified – So What?

Since the beginning of time, man has sought to increase his yield in the field and the size of his livestock – but are the chemicals found in our food sources today more dangerous than the chemicals we’re already exposed to in our daily living – and have been for centuries?  Man has a long standing history with deadly chemicals, ingesting heavy metals and breathing soot.  We have always lived in a toxic world.  The Romans ran their water through lead pipes and the effeminate French used to rub lead based makeup on their faces.  Despite the claims that we’re now ingesting steroids, pesticides and more heavy metals – man’s life expectancy has almost doubled.  We should obviously avoid as many chemicals as possible – but never avoid raw vegetables, lean meats and lean dairy foods because of chemical fear.  There’s nothing we can do about the farming situation.  What we can do and should do is avoid processed foods.  Processed foods have the highest concentration of chemicals.  When I say processed foods I mean fast foods and anything that comes in a container with preservatives.  These are the foods which destroy our health, looks and longevity.  If you read the ingredients on our protein powder, you will see a short list of 7 all natural ingredients – not one protracted chemical name you can’t pronounce.  Let that be your test with everything.  If you read a label and it’s not simple, free of fructose, cornstarch and wheat, and has a bunch of chemicals you can’t pronounce – put it back on the shelf.  The more raw the food + the shorter the label – means less chemicals = better food choice!

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