Getting Dramatic Benefits from Growth Hormones – How To

Many of my Growth Factor clients get routine blood work, but despite their IGF-1 values almost doubling, they all don’t realize the same results. This is what I tell people when they ask – what should I expect? Growth hormones signal the cells to be young, to function at their best, and live their longest. What happens next is mostly up to the individual. If one eats correctly and exercises, they can expect dramatic changes in their health, appearance, and state of being. If not, all cells are still getting the youth signal, aging will be relaxed a bit, and the person usually sleeps and feels better, but the rest of the formula is simply not in place. If a man with perfect genetics pumps iron every day, injects the finest steroids, but refuses to eat protein, his muscles will not grow. His formula is almost complete, but it’s also completely sabotaged. Everything in life is the same – we get out of something what we put into it. If you want the dramatic benefits that growth hormones can provide, don’t hang your fantasies exclusively on the drug. Be positive, do your part, and growth hormones will definitely help you achieve your fantasies. Check out Growth Factor on our toolbar.  

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