Grapefruit does NOT lower Hematocrit Levels (Thick Blood)

There’s a lot of information on the internet purporting grapefruit miraculously corrects hematocrit levels, lowering it if it’s high and raising it if it’s low, so I conducted a 3 month study using 10 athletes over age 40 with high hematocrit levels.  Hematocrit is a measurement of red blood cells (iron count).  A high iron count means thicker blood which moves slower, retains toxins, less effectively distributes oxygen and could lead to stroke or heart attack.  Many athletes over age 40 (men and women alike) suffer from a high hematocrit – including Dena, but especially men taking testosterone therapy.  (The normal scenario is: age + high protein + intense exercise = high hematocrit)  During our study, each subject ate one entire grapefruit per day – twice the amount claimed necessary to adjust hematocrit levels.  At the conclusion of our study, all 10 of us had the exact same hematocrit – mine was actually 2 points higher.  Grapefruit is excellent food – but anything you read on the internet regarding it’s action on iron levels is complete BS!  Sorry it isn’t true.  Wish it was.  Donating blood every 3 months remains the most effective remedy for thick blood – that and an aspirin a day.

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