Growing Young – With Drugs

Many have inquired about the difference between (Human Growth Hormone HGH and Growth Factor GF concentrated from velvet deer antler) so I will briefly explain their effects, similarities and differences.  Both drugs initiate CELLULAR REJUVENATION which is why people take them – to slow and to some extent reverse the aging process.  Both raise IGF levels (18 growth factors) to about the same levels, and they both require specific dosing instructions.  (HGH must be refrigerated and shots taken daily at the same time.  The bottle goes dead after 14 days.  GF must also be taken daily, held under the tongue for 90 seconds and taken on an empty stomach – first thing in the morning).  Science backing both products is abundant and available over the internet – BUT REMEMBER – THIS INFORMATION SUBSTANTIATES THE REAL STUFF.  (There is no legitimate HGH or GF (velvet deer antler formula) for sale over the internet)  You will find a thousand products claiming to be or to provide the benefits of both.  It’s all BS.  The real drugs are expensive and difficult to manufacture.  Both drugs also take about the same time to maximize hormone levels – around 3 months. 

Now here’s the difference, and this is why I’m pushing GF like a heroin dealer.  GF is not synthetic – it’s natural.  And it’s stable and has an extended shelf life.  GF is also a third the price of HGH and licensing is handled on the front end during manufacturing so a prescription is no longer required.  This is the only drug I’ve taken for quite some time. 

If you’re into longevity and wish to pursue either of these drugs, please contact me:  

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