Growth Hormone Levels – What’s Too Much?

I’ve been using HGH for 20 years, and it works wonders, but as I approach 50, it’s imperative that I maintain age appropriate growth hormone levels – not excessive levels. Science proves that optimum growth hormone levels keep the body young, but like anything good – excess is detrimental. More is not always better. Here are the safe limits: Under age 40, you really have nothing to worry about, unless you’re a complete idiot. People over 40 should not exceed IGF-1 levels of 250, and people over 50 should not exceed 200. This is the primary reason why I switched from synthetic HGH to manufacturing an antler derived product. Synthetic HGH injections are indiscriminant and take all users over 250. Again, that was fine when I was younger – but it’s not now. Antler has the uncanny ability to age appropriately raise a person’s growth factor levels to their optimal set points. This is why it’s nontoxic at any dose. The body takes what it needs and discards the rest. Growth hormones are miraculous, but just like testosterone – don’t fall for the higher the better nonsense.

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