Growth Hormones are a Way of Life – Not Instant Gratification

Those who are patient and continue to work in life will succeed, whether in business, relationships or health and body composition.  Those seeking instant gratification will always come up short.  Although growth hormones are an edge and a good diet mandatory for cosmetic results, it still took a year of both before I looked in the mirror and one day said – wow, things have really changed – unlike they ever have before.  My routine at the time was geared towards longevity, overall health and boxing performance.  I wasn’t in a hurry for cosmetic results.  I wasn’t even thinking about cosmetic results.  I was just plugging along.  But results eventually came – almost to my surprise.  If you adopt the right mindset – for a lifelong journey – and continue taking your hormones, eating right and exercising correctly – you will find what it is you’re looking for – in time.  I promise!  But it must be a way of life. 

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