Having NO Faith – but Getting Results

As life exerts it’s influences against our insecurities, faith is often tough to muster and maintain.  I am a man of little faith, feeling I don’t deserve mercy, that God only helps others, and I always question the tragedies that seem to inflict those with the greatest faith.  Looking back over my life, God has saved my ass from every crack – without exception.  He’s given me perfect health and everything I wanted.  Who can say that?  So how could I possibly doubt him looking forward?  It’s illogical – insane.  But what I can do, and still do – even with no faith – is pray.  God doesn’t care about my faith.  He knows I’m an idiot.  God cares about those who are reaching out to him.  My life goes on and my faithless prayers continue to get answered.  For me, God has a perfect track record.  Maybe one day I’ll trust him.  Until then – I’m just a beggar.  Keep praying.

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