Healing Faster with Growth Factor 8,500

Most people take GF 8,500 mg with hopes of looking and or performing better; most overlook the healing properties. In the context of healing, ‘growth factors’ would be more accurately characterized as – ‘repair factors.’ These days, when I catch a black-eye, it’s gone within days, whereas it used to take a month. And I’ve noticed accelerated healing with countless injuries. Today, I’m suffering a cracked skull, traumatic brain damage (which is new to me and really sucks), and a middle ear blood clot. I know GF 8,500 will heal me faster than anything the doctors might prescribe. Although I’ll concede the docs at Parkland saved my life, and I’m thankful, their meds actually made me feel worse, so I stopped taking them. If you’re having surgery, tore something, or have joint and muscle pain, GF can work magic, at a magic price. In a few weeks, I expect, I’ll be writing about another miraculous recovery.

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