Here’s an Intermediate Leg Workout with Kettlebells

I recommend women use a 20 pound Kettlebell and men a 35-45 pounder.  The exercises below should be conducted in a round robin to the point of SEMI-fatigue – not complete failure.  The goal is to keep moving – perform an exercise – then the next – and so on.  After completing the round, rest for one minute, take a sip of water and then repeat the cycle for a total of 30-45 minutes.  Here are the exercises:  Swings, squats with the weight held behind the neck, straight leg dead lifts (each time changing width of stance and toe direction), Suma lifts (explosive low bounce squats with the bell dangling below the crotch), squats with the bell held below the chin and then snatches from the ground (where the bell is explosively hoisted from the ground between your feet to overhead with the arm fully extended).  Do this round robin for 30 minutes and I promise your butt and legs will be nice and sore the following day.  

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