Here’s Another Bicep Workout – Number Two

Continuing with my bicep series, here’s another bicep busting workout.

Seated Dumbell Curls – Ten Tens:  (Conduct 10 sets of 10 reps – Yes, 10 sets:) Select a weight were you can just manage 10 repetitions.  Then rest 15-45 seconds before conducting the next set.  When you fatigue and can barely knock out 10 reps, select a slightly lighter weight for the next set.  But don’t cheat yourself – use the maximum weight you can manage for each set.  This should take you 10-15 minutes.

Standing Hammer Curls: (4 sets) Select the heaviest weight you can manage for 4 repetitions. 

Again, don’t cheat yourself.  You should be struggling to grind out 4 reps.

Reverse Curls – Going Down the Rack:  Using the fixed weight zig zag bars (with your palms facing down) grab the heaviest weight you can manage – even if for just one repetition.  Then grab the next lesser weight and do as many as you can – and work your way down to the lightest weight on the rack – the 20 pound bar.  If you started with the 90 pound bar, you will have performed 8 sets by the time you work your way down to the 20 pound bar.  Go until absolute failure with each set, even if you have to pause a few seconds before pumping out the last few reps.  This should take 3-4 minutes.  

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