HGH verses GF – Cost Analysis – Effectiveness

First off, I sell both HGH and GF and make the same slender profit from each so my comments here are not financially motivated, but they are biased based on results and cost.  We have exhaustively tested and developed GF (Growth Factor) over the past 18 months and can state that the benefits of GF meet and in several ways exceed those of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) especially with immediate results in energy, libido, sleep and state of being.  But the biggest difference is in cost.  At a minimum, 8-10 mgs (24-30 IU’s) of HGH per month will set you back $800 – just for the drug.  And that’s for the cheapest brand on the market, Tevtropin – which we also sell through our HRT program.  A month of GF cost $200 – and it won’t require your blood work ($335) or a prescription.  I’ve already handled the licensing for manufacturing and dispensing the drug.  If you’d like to go either route (HGH or GF), give me a shout:   Carr@emailaddress.com or (972) 768-5991.        

I’ve had a lot of people inquire about GF and balk at the price.  Compared to the other drugs we sell – it’s the by far the best deal going – both in terms of cost and comprehensive benefits.  I wish we could manufacture and sell it for $35, but I suspect you know what you get for $35 – ripped off.  As part of our study, I did buy and test the major brands sold over the internet and at the health food store.  I tried each for 3 months.  Dena also tried them.  My brother Chris tried them.  And I sent the most prominently advertised brand to our lab (it was from New Zealand).  They were all bogus.  The lab said they found a trace of what “could be” a deer antler byproduct, certainly not 500mg as advertised, not even 5mg.  Ours is a legitimate pharmaceutical grade 1,500mg – the purest and strongest manufactured.  We’ve also added other growth factors and a wickedly potent form of tribulus to further boost testosterone.  You can see from independent studies over the internet that deer velvet is miraculous, but please don’t waste your money buying products over the internet – I’ve already done that for you.  I am stunned at what a scam this has become on the internet and in health food stores.  

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