How Cheat Day Works

I am not an advocate for cheat day because most people cheat too much on their diets already, but here’s how it works:  First off, the effectiveness of cheat day is predicated on a diet completely free of refined sugars and starchy carbohydrates – only then will it work!  Cheat day is about the production of Leptins – which are protein hormones we produce in response to eating poor foods – but they also regulate appetite, speed the metabolism and burn stored fats – so for those not eating poor foods, you still want leptins.  After a week of clean eating our bodies cease to produce leptins.  This is why calorie restricted diets stop working after about a week, because the leptins are all used up, and then there’s the whiplash effect because the metabolism slows down.  But this is also why clean eaters benefit from cheat day – they eat garbage – their bodies are suddenly flooded with leptins – they go back to clean eating – and their bodies are shocked into massive fat burning.  I always notice a dramatic difference the morning after cheat day.  I eat a pizza and I wake up leaner.  It’s kind of crazy, but it’s true.  If you’re a clean eater you can seriously benefit from cheat day.  If you cheat too much on your diet already, cheat day just means more calories around your waistline.   

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