How Cheat Day Works

I removed cheat day from the latest revision of my ebook because most people cheat too much on their diet already. Cheat day only works if you’re eating perfectly! So before you try this, be honest with yourself. Are you eating perfectly? If not, you’ll only be adding more bad food to an already bad diet.

Here is the science behind cheat day. The human body produces protein hormones called leptins which regulate our body weight and metabolism. When we eat correctly for long periods of time, the body ceases to produce these leptins because we’re managing the situation ourselves. We don’t need them. This usually happens within the span of a week, and this is where cheat day comes in.

If we then consume bad sugars and starchy carbs, it shocks our body and we launch into massive leptin production – and this super charges our metabolism. It’s crazy – eat deplorably – wake up leaner. But it does work. Again, you’ve gotta be eating perfectly.

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