How Chickens Win by Avoiding Competition

I’m a big chicken, so I’ve spent my entire life trying to avoid competition.  I hate neck and neck struggles.  I either avoided the battle entirely (like with academics and team sports) or trained alone to become so good at something that there was no competition.  When I jumped in the pool, I didn’t wanna feel the jitters.  I wanted to get in knowing that I would easily dominate the race.  Same thing with the Navy physical readiness test, I had to know beforehand that I could do the most pull ups and pushups.  And nobody wants to get into a brawl at the country club wondering if they’re gonna take a spanking and get their Polo shirt torn.  This is obviously a somewhat twisted perspective on sportsmanship, but if you’re scared of competition – you have to create a league of your own.  This means training scientifically, continuously and much harder than everyone else.  Simple as that.  If you’re a chicken – you gotta put in the most work.

If you want to look better than your contemporaries – DO NOT workout with them or compare notes.  Sneak off on your own, devise a winning strategy, manage your diet and hormones perfectly, and put in 10 times the work.  I guarantee you will look better than your contemporaries.  Chickens can be winners:)

REALITY CHECK:  This essay is predicated on the reality of one’s potential to achieve success in a given area.  I studied 18 hours a day every day of the week in law school and my grades were exactly the same – lame.  Never sell yourself short, but select your wars based on your best aptitudes.

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