How Many People do You Tune Out?

When most people tell me they did this or that, or will do this or that, I know they’re full of it and don’t even listen, much less attach expectations. Regrettably, it’s rare I meet people of substance and character. The real-deal types never say they did this and that or will. They simply do it. God I love those people. When they casually say they’ll do something – it’s as good as done, no follow up required. They would die before breaking their word. These are the people that make America great, who make true friends, the type you would go into battle with.

We all know those people we tune out – the great majority. Be real. Always do exactly what you say. Exude character at all times – especially when the shit hits the fan. Be heard!

The tune outs – a worthy topic brought up by Guy Mezger at breakfast. 

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