How Much can One Endure before Wising Up?

Humans are stupidly stubborn, repeating mistakes, and I should use my drinking as an example here, but I’ll go with reckless motorcycle racing instead. How many times did I have to get nailed before acknowledging my good luck (or God’s mercy) and take the situation for action – in this case, by not buying another motorcycle? Four! Yes, this thick skull had a head on collision in 2001, got rear ended in 2005, rear ended again in 2008, and then had another head on last month. (None my fault) Despite testing fate, God gave me another free pass…as usual. But what if I didn’t learn my lesson this time? What might happen next? I shudder to think. Be objective about your life. What stupid shit are you up to? Will you learn your lesson the easy way or the hard way? I’ll promise you this, if you don’t learn the easy way, you will eventually learn the hard way. And on that note, we could now discuss my drinking….and stupidly stubborn wouldn’t quite describe it.       

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