How Naval Special Operations defines a Winner

When we were kids, winning was everything. You were either the winner or just another loser. Now, when six kids run a race, all six get trophies – everybody’s a winner. We’ve erred from one extreme to the other. I think Special Operations and Special Warfare got it right when they said – If you wanna be a winner, all you’ve gotta do is never quit. I’ve clung to those words ever since because they allowed me to redefine my self image. I haven’t earned millions of dollars. I’ve never published a single novel, although I’ve written four. And I don’t look or perform anywhere close to the way I want. But I haven’t quit on those goals. Unless I do quit, no one can say I’ve failed. If you feel like a failure but are still busting your ass to achieve your goals, I hope you adopt this higher understanding of success, because even if you die trying – you’ll be remembered as a winner. If you don’t believe me, ask the family and friends of any fallen soldier. Winning is simply never quitting.

This young aquanaut signals AOK post dive.  on deck

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