How Prayers are Really Answered

I’m disgusted when people overcome illness and claim that God answered their prayers and cured them – as if God answered that person’s prayer, while allowing a 7 year old to die of brain cancer – who also prayed. And I hear people say this sh#t about everything. God does not interfere with the natural laws of our physical existence!

God performs miracles in the hearts and minds of men – only – but that’s where they’re supposed to happen. Then those men can go forth in the world and execute God’s miracles. God emancipated slavery in America, no doubt, and I’m sure many prayed for it, but He worked that miracle through Abraham Lincoln (who initially drafted the 13th Amendment to make slavery PERMANENT FOREVER if you didn’t know). Now that’s a miracle – probably the biggest 180 in the history of man. God worked in his heart. When a fearful man prays and finds courage – that is a miracle. When a faithless man prays and finds hope – that is a miracle. When any man prays and is inflicted to make the world a better place – that is a miracle.

If anyone believes that God will alter the physical world directly at their bequest, I challenge them to put their money where their mouth is and leap from the Empire State Building then pray for a soft landing. I promise – without exception – that God will not meddle with the natural laws of your physical existence. You’ll splat. So pray for what really matters – for a miracle within your heart. That’s what God wants us to pray for. And that’s what the world needs us to pray for.

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