How To Thin Out Your Blood

Most men over forty have thick blood, and so do many athletes who consume massive amounts of protein, so here are a few pointers on thinning it out.  NOTE:  Whether it’s lowering cholesterol, reducing risk of prostate cancer or thinning the blood – the formula for success is always the same. 

Diet – This will sound familiar.  Eat nuts like peanuts, almonds and pistachios, lean carbohydrate foods like rice and oats, and of course raw veggies and fruits. 

Beverages – Orange juice, cider, pomegranate juice and red wine thin the blood.  Note – more than two glasses of wine will have the opposite effect!  

Exercise – of course! 

An Aspirin a Day – Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory and reduces the chance of clotting. 

Donate Blood – After giving blood, the body will then make new healthy blood.  This is highly recommended regardless of blood viscosity.  

Blood Thinners – (Like Coumadin and Plavix)  This is the least recommended route, but if you have to have them you have to have them.  If you take these drugs and sustain massive trauma – you could bleed to death.  So first try the healthy lifestyle approach.

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