Human Growth Hormone – The Timeline of Progress

HGH (human growth hormone) and GF (growth factor) are not immediate action drugs like an injection of testosterone which provides instant results.  A 300mg shot of testosterone will drive your levels over 1,000 by the following day.  HGH and GF build up slowly in your system over time and it takes about 3 months for all hormones to reach their optimum levels.  These drugs are an investment in the future, both in terms of longevity and health, and of course body composition – but with time.  (One exception – GF does produce noticeably greater pumps, erections, sleep and state of being within a month – which is pretty cool)  I know a lot of people who’ve taken HGH and quit because they say they didn’t notice anything, mostly people who were used to the flash bang effects of steroids (mostly water retention).  Growth hormones are about cellular rejuvenation.  If you want the benefits of HGH or GF – you have to stick with it, just like diet and exercise.  Although everyone will benefit from these drugs, it’s the people who exercise consistently and eat well who really say WOW!  Nothing truly good happens instantly. 

If you’d like to try GF, we no longer require blood work and a prescription.  It was a cost entry barrier that I determined unfair.  If you’d like to explore prescription HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or try GF please contact me.   

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