I Was Feeling Great – Why Not Now?

My lawyer said to me yesterday – I felt great the first 8 weeks I was drinking veggie shakes and taking GF – now I’m all run down – as if those were the culprits to his sudden fatigue.  There are 5 forces driving our health and state of being, 4 of which we have control over.  We control what goes in our mouth, what goes through our head, how much exercise we get (or don’t) and whether we manage our hormones, but there are also external factors like sudden stresses, bacteria, viruses and physical trauma, etc.  These are real, but even then, if we manage the first 4 variables correctly we can to a GREAT extent control these external factors.  I don’t know why my lawyer was run down.  We may never know, but don’t quit on the good stuff!  Quit the bad stuff!  That’s the best we can do. 

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