If You see the words New Zealand – that Antler Product delivers NO Growth Factors

Although deer antler has been used for thousands of years in ancient oriental medicine and has thousands of miraculous benefits and uses, we only learned 5 years ago how to correctly harvest the bio-identical growth factors without destroying them. This is called the 43x extraction process. The New Zealand extraction process (which has been around forever) COMPLETELY kills the growth factors. Even if a company uses the finest raindeer antler and doses it to 50mg per serving – if it says New Zealand anywhere in the verbiage it will not elevate your growth factor levels. I use the 43x extraction process developed by the medical schools and this is what ALL major studies are based upon – the studies that prove antler works to elevate growth hormone levels. This is why our GF product is the most expensive on the market, but it’s also why it’s the only product in the United States that comes with the guarantee that it works – not only in physical appearance – but empirically in your blood work. If you want an antler product that delivers better results than synthetic HGH – it must come in a glass bottle – with NO plastic components – NO sprays, dosed to 50mg, suspended in grape seed alcohol, by sublingual administration only for at least 90 seconds, and uses the 43x extraction process. Anything less and you’re wasting your money – no growth factors. There are several companies doing it right, but I use the finest raindeer antler, and our product tests much higher in IGF-1 concentrations than any other company, and of course – I’m the only guy giving a guarantee.     

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