I’m 25 – Do I Need Growth Hormones?

Do you need growth hormones at age 25 – NO – unless you’re an athlete seeking greater performance and don’t get drug tested. Human growth hormone production typically shuts down between the ages of 30 and 35, hence we begin to visibly age. This is the time to start taking growth hormones – and anyone who can afford them should be taking them – not just rich people and movie stars. These hormones signal our bodies to stay young. Most HRT doctors (hormone replacement therapy) say that those who start by age 35 can extend their quality of life by as many as 20 years! The research on HGH is solid and without controversy. Within 3 months anyone using HGH will look and feel fresher. Our Growth Factor (which we manufacture and sell) is naturally derived from reindeer antler and contains all 18 human bio-identical growth factors. I guarantee that anyone taking our product will look, feel and perform better. Your blood work will provide the scientific proof, as most of our clients realize a 60-100% increase in their IGF-1 levels (IGF-1 = the growth factor responsible for muscle repair).  

Please check out Growth Factor on our toolbar. For internet customers, we will include two free bottles of Liver Giver with each purchase of 2 Growth Factors. And for local clients, each GF purchase will include a free bottle of Liver Giver, one for one. Get healthy!! Stay healthy:)     

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