Increasing Blood Volume Naturally – the Best Edge

Extra blood volume means extra performance, that’s why athletes blood dope and take drugs like EPO (erythropoietin), but full body strength work (a full body pump) can achieve the same result – with the additional benefits of superhuman strength and conditioning. That is if you’re willing to put in the work, because full body strength work is grueling. Most people work muscle groups individually, either doing chest, or back or at most all leg muscles at once. This places blood demand in those specific muscles groups, giving them ‘the pump,’ but if one places these same blood demands throughout the entire body – on every muscle – at once; then the body will have to make more blood to keep up with this radical demand. The trick to a full body pump is to work all muscles in the same superset, going from an upper-body pull exercise to failure, to an upper-body push exercise to failure, and then working the legs to failure. A simple workout might look like this: Pullups to failure, followed immediately by pushups to failure, then leaping lunges to failure. After a legitimate round of this, you would then rest, and continue for 12 rounds. This workout would take about 45 minutes. For the next workout, switch out every exercise – even if that means just switching hand positions or adding a weighted vest. (Never do the same routine twice) For those willing to put in this kind of work, I promise one pint more blood volume, better performance in your sport – and fat loss beyond any other form of exercise. This is extreme anaerobic interval training. Below are alternate exercises to plug into this format.

Additional Upper Body Pull Exercises: Various overhead hand position pullups, low bar pullups on your back facing the ceiling (perhaps wearing a weighted vest), seated pulley rows, heavy dumbbell rows, and bent over straight bar rows. Your imagination is the limit. And you can mix these exercises together in the same workout.

Additional Upper Body Push Exercises: Dips, incline and decline pushups, ring dips, heavy flys. (Again, weighted vests provide extra work and make high rep sets into lower rep sets)

Additional Leg Drills: Suma squats, behind the neck squats, under the chin squats, kettlebell windmills, snatches, kettlebell swings, Cossack Squats, and side to side leaping lunges.

NOTE: I like to rotate exercises every 4 rounds, this way I’m conducting 4 sets of each exercise and I can hit the muscles from different angles. For example on push exercises: I might do 4 rounds of decline pushups, then 4 rounds of dips, then 4 rounds of horizontal heavy weight flys. Mixing it up also keeps things interesting. 12 sets of pullups wearing a 40 pound vest can start to tweak the elbow joints:/

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