Introductory Body Shaping Workout – for those just Getting Started

If you’re just getting started and need a boilerplate workout to cover the muscle shaping basics, this is one I wrote for a friend yesterday.  I recommend doing this workout twice a week, either Sat/Sun and Tues/Weds or Mon/Tues and Thurs/Fri.  If you’re working 8-5 it’s sometimes easier to punch out two workouts over the weekend, and then only hit the gym two days during the work week.  You should move quickly through this workout.  Don’t worry about how much weight you’re moving or counting reps, just shoot for your target reps, but go until failure whether you reach them or not.  Again, the objectives are to move quickly, get the work in and comprehensively tear down the muscles.  Each workout shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes.  THIS IS A BARE MINIMUM WORKOUT – TO ACHIEVE ANY RESULTS.  


CHEST:  Shoot for 6-15 reps and change the target reps with each exercise. Upper Chest – 4 sets of incline press (either machine or free weight); middle chest – 4 sets of flat on your back dumbbell flys; lower chest – 4 sets of dips until failure (many dip stations have a counterweighted kneeling pad for assistance.  Use it if needed).

TRICEPS:  Again, shoot for 6-15 reps – these exercises will all use bars hanging from overhead pulleys, and they are all push down exercises.  4 sets palms down on the pulley bar; 4 sets in reverse with your palms up; and then 4 sets using the rope on the pulley with your hands in the hammer position.

LEGS:  These will happen on push day.  4 sets Leg Press; 4 sets seated leg extension; 4 sets of hamstring curl face down; 4 sets of light weight high rep squats; and 4 sets of seated calf.


BACK:  Same drill as above.  4 sets overhead pulley pull down; 4 sets seated row; 4 sets of pullovers laying flat on your back (you can do these with either a dumbbell or straight bar).

SHOULDERS:  Although universal to pull and push day, doing legs on push day – you can do shoulders on pull day.  4 sets of military press; 4 sets of standing dumbbell side raises; and 4 sets of pull to chins with a fixed weight zigzag bar (photo below).

BICEPS:  4 sets of hammer curls with dumbbells; 4 sets of palms up curls using a straight bar; and 4 sets of reverse curls with your palms down using a zigzag bar.

If you need clarification on movements, sets, workout theory, or photo illustrations, please read our free ebook located on the toolbar.

Pull to chins are good for rear shoulders and traps.  BOOK 014

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