Is Your Blood Work always Screwed Up – Mine Is

People who routinely get their blood work performed can get wrapped around the axle – forever trying to fix one issue after another.  I’m one of them.  I eat a zero cholesterol diet yet my cholesterol measures high.  I eat no refined sugars yet I have high blood sugar.  I don’t drink or take drugs but my liver function is high.  Two weeks after I donate blood, my hematocrit measures 58.  But I feel and function fine, and I’ve never had any health problems.  There is nothing I can correct in my lifestyle to manipulate these numbers – unless I were to stupidly take insulin, statins and blood thinners.  So what’s the bottom line with abnormal blood work.  Blood work may be the best barometer we currently have to monitor our state of health, but it’s based on statistical averages – not the individual.  Everyone has different genetics.  My mother and brother have blood results identical to mine – and so do both of my grandparents who are 95 years old.  Even positive lifestyle influences can effect blood results – like intense exercise and a high protein diet.  If you’re out of limits – but not crazy out of limits – and you feel fantastic, then I say rock on.  Don’t go crazy trying to correct everything.  I’ve wasted years trying and it got me nowhere.  Doctors are always trying to categorize everyone, to neatly simplify and justify their limited understanding, but the truth is we don’t all fit nor belong in the same box.  Close enough is good enough!

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