Juicing and Flatulence – Ending the Horror

Many new comers to juicing or veggie blending (which I prefer) suffer flatulence, so let’s run a few traps on the subject.  First off, fruits (which are of little nutritional value) contain sugars which can cause gas.  Don’t fall into the fruit trap.  Shoot for dark veggies.  The most vitamin dense and alkalizing nutrition is found in dark veggies.  Regrettably, two of the finest veggies are also known for generating gas – beets and carrots.  (But don’t eliminate both right off the bat)  Be scientific in your approach to the problem.  Try eliminating one veggie or fruit at a time until you figure out what’s causing the problem.  Most of the time it’s a reaction to only one, but you can also try cutting back on the volume of produce you consume.  I know a lot of people who make sludge thick veggie shakes – which would turn anyone into a wind tunnel.  Just like hormones – an overdose of anything good will cause an adverse reaction.  Also, if you’re making veggie shakes with a protein powder – they are notorious for causing gas.  (Back in the early 80’s when Joe Weider had the only protein powders on the market – one kid could empty the frat house for hours – with the persistent stench of a rotting corpse.  It was never me)  Try eliminating the protein powder first, or switching brands.  Nonfat Greek yogurt is an excellent alternative to protein powders.  Rancid gas is a real problem – no argument here – but don’t quit juicing!!!  Be smart and solve the riddle.  Raw veggies are the most important food you can put in your body.

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