Just How UN-IMPORTANT Testosterone can Be

During our initial blood studies, we had several strong, well-muscled men with healthy sex drives whose testosterone levels tested between 90 and 150. These guys all thought they had high testosterone levels – and two of them looked like magazine covers. (The normal scale ranges from 0-1200) Now this paradox may baffle some doctors, but not me because I know these men. They all exercise like madmen and eat perfectly. Conversely, I have several clients who maintain augmented testosterone levels between 1200-1600 and they don’t look too good. This is because they don’t exercise and eat like sh%t. Testosterone is part of the equation, but it’s actually a much smaller part of the equation than most people think. If you need a little test then take some, but don’t expect any magic. If you want a hard physique and peak health, no amount of testosterone is going to do it for you. You have to put in the work and eat correctly. 

Dena mentioned that a 45 year old hard body from LA came into her studio last week who said she had zero testosterone. This prompted me to write on the matter. Don’t overestimate what testosterone can do and underestimate what a perfect diet can do. THERE AIN’T NO COMPARISON.

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