Karma Loves and Karma Kills

Call it karma, cosmic justice, or the Christian law of Mathew chapter VII, what we put into the world; we shall receive back – pound for pound, good or evil – without escape. I covered a few men’s asses in the Navy – big time, and a year later their close friends were postured to save mine – bigger time. Even in that moment, being a stupid imp, the irony of that karma blew my mind. In other moments, later, lost in addiction, I treated people with contempt and violence. Man oh man did I suffer for that. Flooding the world with good doesn’t just make the world a better place, it’s a literal insurance policy. Even if you have to think of doing good as an investment in your future, that’s fine, karma doesn’t care. It simply is.      

Now, on good behavior, even critters can tolerate me.  2001 bobo

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