Keeping a Flat Stomach throughout the Middle Ages

I am far leaner today than I was 25 years ago when I worked my abs 30 minutes a day (without exception) and ran and swam for another hour. Actually, I haven’t worked abs in 18 years. The difference now is diet – and I don’t mean dieting. I eat all day long, and that’s the trick to leaning out. Eating burns more calories than anything else. I eat like clockwork every two hours, regardless of whether I’m hungry or not. And I don’t avoid carbs and calories, only sugars. But I do eat foods as raw as possible, lean meats, nuts, fresh fruits and veggies, lean dairy, eggs and even a lot of sour dough bread (which has virtually no sugar). I eat like a horse. I promise the trick to shredding out is in eating. Think of it as – manipulating your metabolism and appetite. If you’re eating every two hours, you not only keep the metabolism racing all day, you stay ahead of your appetite. That means you’re never starving, so you tend to eat correct foods, correctly sized portions and avoid cravings for crap. Eating should be a chore – not a pleasure, or a ravenous game of catch up. If you don’t believe me, look at the pictures of Dena under the toolbar header – Athletic Photos. She eats more than I do, every two hours. She’s a pig:) (Now she does take Growth Factor – but eating correctly is the key to shredding out) Please read the first eight pages on diet in our Free ebook, also located on the toolbar. It downloads instantly. 

All women tell me they like snuggling against soft tummies.    carr 48 013

Really? Why? What about the firm mattress theory? I’d prefer to stay single.

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