Kicking a Cold with Apple Cider Vinegar

This is probably the tenth article I’ve written on the miraculous benefits of ACV (apple cider vinegar) so for those still unfamiliar with it, please give it a try.  ACV is nature’s greatest panacea (cure all).  Although highly acidic (ph-4) it has a reverse alkalizing effect inside the human body – which promotes overall health, alleviates joint and muscle pain, and is extremely good for the skin, often curing poison ivy and psoriasis overnight.  I recently woke up with a sore throat – the first sign of a nagging 3 week cold that’s been going around, so I immediately started drinking ACV 5 times a day.  Two days later I was back to normal.  ACV works.  NOTE:  Not all ACV is meant for human consumption.  Be sure to buy Bragg’s Brand at the health food store.  Also, since it’s highly acidic, mix it with water and chase it with another swig of fresh water to keep if from burning your throat and eating the enamel off your teeth.    

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