Kicking Butt – then Suddenly Injured?

Were you having killer workouts and really making progress, then blindsided with a random injury? It almost seems inevitable, especially with age, at least for me. I just pulled something in my left pec (chest) yesterday. Of course, my mind wants to race into depression, feeling weak already, I wonder how long will it last, can I box next week – this is the end of the world! Well, it’s not the end of the world. I pull something several times a year, so when I’m done freaking out, tomorrow I’ll do what I always do. I’ll train around the injury. That means I’ll determine what exercises and activities don’t cause pain and stick with those. I won’t be doing weighted dips and pushups, not with a sharp pain in my chest, but I bet I can do various flies and presses with light weights for 100 reps. And since I haven’t done those in a while, maybe the injury was a good thing. It’ll force fresh blood into my training schedule. Injuries are never the end of the world. If you pick one up, even a broken bone – DON’T STOP TRAINING, just improvise, adapt, and overcome. Life isn’t over…… until….you know…..

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