LADIES – Continually making Progress with your BUTT and LEGS – Some Workout Ideas

Every time you nail your butt and legs with a different workout that leaves them sore – you’re making progress. So never do the same workout twice. Ladies, you need to be nailing your butt at least twice a week, really nailing it, and not with yoga and pilates and dancing, etc. – with weighted and explosive vertical movements – on your feet. When it comes to working the legs, the routines are infinite. Your imagination is the only limit. Here are a few exercises to provoke your imagination:

Lung drills – to the front, rear and sides, either leaping, going super slow, holding a weight or wearing a weighted vest. Mix it up each time.

Various squats – holding the weight between the legs, behind the neck, under the chin, off to one side, off to both sides with the legs tight against one another, or straight overhead with a single arm extended.

Sprints – see how sore these make you, then do them in reverse the next time.

Box drills – stepping up sideways and to the front, as well as stepping down to the sides, front, and rear – with or without weights. Or try single leg squats with the box under your butt to assist you in balancing and bouncing back up.

Kettlebell drills – doing windmills, suma squats, swings, snatches, straight leg deadlifts, single leg deadlifts and leaping off the ground squats.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Plan your routine the night before! Always pick drills you haven’t done in a while, and mix these concepts together. I like to stack 4-8 exercises in a row – creating a circuit, each working the legs from a different angle, then go 10-20 reps each for 10 rounds. This usually takes between 25-45 minutes. I’m sore every day of the week.

The windmill, part squat, and great for a tight core.     A Dena 2012 082

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