Ladies – The MUST for a Hot Butt and Legs

Our streets are lined with fitness studios offering a plethora of gimmick workouts promising the perfect body and perfect health, but there’s only one fitness requisite and truth to building and maintaining a hot ass and legs – weighted vertical piston movements. Although there are a million variants to the squat: weight held between the legs, under the chin, behind the neck, leaping, slinging the weight down to 45-degree angles from the toes, or off to the sides, etc. etc., vertical exercises are actually limitless, left only to the imagination. I make up exercises every day. Wearing a weighted vest offers the opportunity for dynamic work, like leaping lunges – leaping to the sides – leaping at 45-degree angles, single leg squats, and plyometrics. Ladies, ALL exercises that go up and down are what you want. And you want to perform as many different exercises as possible, never doing the same movements two workouts in a row – keeping the muscles perpetually confused and scrambling to adapt. If you want the rocket bod, forget the gimmicks and machines, conduct your workouts standing on your own two feet, with some form of weight, and get crazy clever with the exercises you employ. If you’re sore every day – you’re doing it right.

Jumpers – shallow squat, light weight, up onto toes, high reps.  BOOK 035

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