Ladies – Use it or Lose it – the Free Ride is Over at 40

Even for you women gifted with perfect genetics – if you don’t get with the program, your butt will turn to mush after age 40. And once that happens, there’s no getting it back. You can still slim it, but you will never again shape and harden it. The good news is – if you’ve still got it – you can keep it! Just start working it, intensely and regularly. I caught Dena just in the nick of time. She was 43 years old, had never lifted weights but was still holding up. It was an absolute miracle I came into her life! (I’m sure when she reads this she’ll be calling to agree and thank me:) Over the past 4 years, Dena has done an excellent job developing her health and physique, by drinking veggie shakes daily, taking GF and working it hard. Last call ladies – you’ve got an important decision to make.

Dena at the one year mark age 44 – much tighter now.   DENA 2011 061

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